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Mongolia , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Jeongseon eager to serve Olympic visitors

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Representatives from Mongolia's Sukhbaatar, Japan's Tahara, and Incheon's Namdong-gu, South Chungcheong Province's Boryeong and Daegu's Jung-gu watched games at the ski center and received other courtesies of Jeongseon County. "From Mongolia, a Selenge ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Risking life in the Mongolian gold rush

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Publication date: Saturday 18 August 2012

Mongolia ... of a gold rush. But with 40% of the population living in poverty, around 100,000 people work in deadly unregulated mines in order to survive. "When I look at families with horses, I feel so sad tears well up in my eyes." Sukhbaatar used ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Neutral Mongolia looks to be economic link

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Publication date: Sunday 08 November 2015

Global Times (GT) reporter Liu Zhun talked to Mongolian Ambassador to China Tsedenjav Sukhbaatar (Sukhbaatar) about these issues. GT: What is the purpose of President Elbegdorj's visit to China? Sukhbaatar: The visit is a return visit after Chinese ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: PICS: The in-between world of Ulaanbaatar

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Publication date: Sunday 19 January 2014

near Sukhbaatar Square -- the centre of town. The cabbie quotes us a rate that sounds absurdly high until we calculate it in Indian rupees and decide there isn’t a point in quibbling. One of the great joys of travelling to Mongolia is that the Indian ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Crossing Siberia, from Moscow to Mongolia

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Publication date: Saturday 03 February 2018

Two-hundred-fifty-three kilometers from Ulan Ude, we neared the Russia-Mongolia border at Naushki Station, where there was a wait of several hours while passports were checked. We continued for a half hour to Sukhbaatar for a longer inspection by Mongolian ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Mongolia to send troops to China's Victory Day parade

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Publication date: Wednesday 24 June 2015

Mongolian ambassador to China Tsedenjav Sukhbaatar meets the press on Thursday, June 25, 2015. [Photo by Chen Boyuan /] Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj will participate in China's celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Top Mongolian rapper 'savagely assaulted' by Russian diplomat for wearing swastika

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Publication date: Friday 02 December 2016

... by a Russian diplomat after performing wearing a swastika — a traditional Mongolian symbol — the singer's lawyer and police alleged on Friday. Amarmandakh Sukhbaatar, known as Amraa and lead singer of Khar Sarnai (Black Rose), took to the stage ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Howell becomes 'sister city' of Mongolian district

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Publication date: uesday 10 December 2013

HOWELL – The Township and a district in Mongolia signed a memorandum of understanding to create sister cities between Howell and the Sukhbaatar District on Tuesday. The program was aimed at opening up talks on how each can benefit from one another ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: Richard Dunwoody's Ulan Bator, Mongolia

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Publication date: Sunday 06 March 2011

I love the way that modern life blends somewhat awkwardly with the traditional Mongolian ... Sukhbaatar Square; 330338), are the best. The eponymous Millie is a wonderfully hospitable host and the artwork on display is also well worth seeing. Ulan Bator ...

News Mongolia » Sukhbaatar: India inks defence cooperation pact with Mongolia

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Publication date: hursday 28 July 2011

The President was given a ceremonial welcome by the Mongolian security services personnel at the Sukhbaatar square, which has a grand statue of Genghis Khan. She took salute from the force during the grand ceremony and said ‘thank you’ in Mongolian ...